Hedgecutting - We offer an as and when one off hedge cutting service or you can be included into our regular service schedule so your hedges are cut at the very best time of year, we have all the necessary professional and well maintained equipment to tackle the tallest and widest of hedges or we can reduce them to a more manageable height. Professionally trimmed hedges really help to improve the overall look of your garden and property especially when carried out by OurGardener.

Lawnmowing - weekly or fortnightly service or you may consider looking at our standard maintenance package and having all of your garden kept looking good.

Lawn treatmentsspring, summer and autumn treatments including Hollow tine aeration and scarifying of lawns carried out by OurGardener is a must to keep your lawn looking tip-top.

Re-turfing -OurGardener will implement a full removal of your old lawn and then continue with the laying of new good quality turf from a local supplier or if you prefer we can restart from seed including new drainage if required to improve the look, feel and life of your new lawn.

Fencing - OurGardener will undertake all types of fencing from wind or storm repair to complete installations using only the finest quality materials available from local suppliers.

Paving – Here at OurGardener we will advise assist and install your dream pathway, patio or any paved design or driveway that you desire using only the best materials.

Winter services – we don’t just put our tools away and hide in bed for the winter there is still much to-do to keep your garden in an orderly and easy to maintain area. We can still carry out most of our services in particular clearing away leaves and debris. Hard pruning and regeneration work for Shrubs, fruit trees and other deciduous trees is also beneficial during this period as well as any groundwork’s for paths or patios and driveways.

If in doubt get OurGardener out...